About Students for Ron

The Ron Itnyre campaign seeks to bring out the best in our next generation of organizers and leaders. Students for Ron aims to train future leaders to become more comfortable with the election process, political organizing, and leadership. In a time when leadership is most important, students wishing to make a difference can become involved with Ron’s campaign.

Students looking to get involved can volunteer for Ron’s campaign. If they are eighteen or older, they can also learn how to register to vote online with the button below.

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Students for Ron gathered at the Itnyre household

Mission of Students for Ron

By contributing to Ron Itnyre’s campaign, we plan to uphold the principles of democracy and earnest work that Hoosiers should pride themselves on. Through volunteerism, activism, and education, we students will learn to become leaders ourselves. The ultimate goal of Students for Ron is to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills needed to make a difference in Indiana.

Why we Back Ron

“Growing up a Hoosier, one of the things that fascinated me most about Indiana was its beautiful parks, gorgeous valleys, and serene rivers. However, the quality of our air, water, and parks is getting considerably worse. Ron, who frequently teaches about issues of climate change in his classes, an issue that will affect our generation most, is somebody I trust with being able to revitalize the treasured natural areas of Indiana.”

— James Freiberger, Class of 2026 Earlham College Student

“I have decided to join the Dr. Ron Itnyre for the Indiana team because he is a candidate that genuinely cares about our state and our community. Ron is already a great educator and community leader, and I know that he will be a phenomenal state senator.”

— Jonah Maple, Class of 2026 Earlham College Student

“My mom would not be here if she were not able to get an abortion because she had a miscarriage. He very clearly cares about the people that this will affect the most and listens. I fully support him and this man absolutely represents me as an American.”

— Desteny Casanova, Class of 2026 Purdue Student

“One of the most important issues to me is abortion. With the recent severe restrictions on abortion, we need candidates who will support a woman’s right to choose. Ron is such a candidate. He dearly loves his wife and daughter and will fight for not only their rights, but the rights of women across Indiana. Our votes have power! Use yours to elect a candidate who supports women!”

— Anna Schweitzer, Class of 2023 Centerville High School Student